A touch of flash


I've never really done a lot of flash but was asked to design a christmas card flash animation for Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney last year. You can view the results here here...

graphic designer, Neutral Bay, Cammeray, Crows Nest, Cremorne, Sydney

Interview for www.topuniversities.com


I've just taken time out to share a little insight on getting into the field of graphic design. The interview has been featured on www.topuniversities.com. I often find myself being asked by students if they can interview me for their design projects and I always try and accomodate where possible. I really wish that I could have given the 18-year-old version of myself some advice!

graphic design, Cammeray, Crows Nest & Cremorne on Sydney's north shore

Design: it's all about love


I often speak to my clients about love. "It needs a little love." Of course I love design -  or visual communications as I prefer to call it (perhaps that's a topic for another entry) - and I love my clients (most of you anyway!) - but it's more about instilling some of that love within a piece of artwork or deep down inside a concept. Love within design is that "sparkle in the eye" that engages and captivates the viewer. Something very special. It's not something that can really be defined but something that takes a little more time, a little more research, and a little more care.

graphic design, Cammeray, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest and Cremorne on Sydney's north shore

Welcome to the blog!


So much to do and so little time... I've wanted to start a blog for a good many months now but have just never had the chance. Tonight I'm enjoying a quite Saturday night in. It's freezing outside and having just returned from a month away enjoying the summer in the South of France, Olympics in the UK and super sunny stop overs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Singapore. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that Sydney summer is not coming along as quickly as I had hoped. So what we really needed when we arrived home (that is my lovely husband James and I) was a holiday to get over our holiday. I don't think we've ever had a relaxing holiday! We're always off for searching for lost temples, wandering through city streets, catching up with long lost friends or most importantly deciding on where our meal might be coming from (ok well that is just me). So finally I've got the chance to sit and do nothing (ok yes the footy is on and the remote will not be mine for a little while now) ... so look out blog - here I come! Please forgive my ramblings...

graphic designer Neutral Bay, Crows Nest and Cremorne on Sydney's north shore

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